About RaZphalt™

Recycled Asphalt in Calgary

What Is RaZphalt™?

Calgary Recycled Asphalt Alternative

RaZphalt™, a recycled asphalt alternative, is the brainchild of Synchor Recycling. Synchor has been operating in the Calgary area, offering a better, more eco-friendly way to dispose of construction materials. Reducing and reusing any construction materials we can is why we are here today.

In addition to recycled asphalt shingles, Synchor is now offering a recycled asphalt paving alternative. It can be used on roadways, driveways, baseball diamond parking lots and church parking lots. Anywhere you can use pavement or gravel, is the perfect place for our product.

Of all the materials we make at Synchor Recycling, RaZphalt™ is our very own unique product. It has taken us over two years of trial and error to come up with this innovative new product. We tried binding agents, emulsifiers, as well as adding in oil and other ingredients. Finally, we stumbled onto the proprietary formula that makes RaZphalt™ what it is today.

Environmentally Conscious

Not only is RaZphalt™ 100% unique to Synchor Recycling, we are also proud of the fact that we have developed an environmentally conscious product that is helping keep recyclable materials out of the landfill. We are confident you will love it as much as we do.

By blending together recycled asphalt and recycled asphalt shingles, we have taken the best that both materials have to offer and created a hybrid that will give you a high-quality material which reacts differently than standard recycled asphalt products. Due to the high oil content found in recycled asphalt shingles, RaZphalt™ binds together, compacts and sheds water better than standard recycled asphalt.

Perfect for gravel driveways and parking lots, our product was developed with dust control and cost effectiveness in mind. RaZphalt™ is transported and applied the same as traditional recycled asphalt (RAP). We designed it this way to make sure that there wouldn’t be any additional costs that would deter our clients from being able to use RaZphalt™. Although it sounds too good to be true, we are confident that once you try RaZphalt™, you won’t want anything else.